HALF HOUR with Jeff & Richie (An Entertainment Podcast)

Song of the Summer (2022), Summer Hits, and New Music Picks (Pop Episode)

September 09, 2022 Two Worlds Entertainment Episode 70
HALF HOUR with Jeff & Richie (An Entertainment Podcast)
Song of the Summer (2022), Summer Hits, and New Music Picks (Pop Episode)
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In this weeks podcast, Jeff & Richie bring you an episode featuring: 

The 2022 SUMMER MUSIC RECAP. Take a dive with Jeff & Richie as they discuss Billboards official song of the summer and what their favorite songs, albums, and artists were this summer.

Jeff & Richie then move the discussion over to PAST SUMMER HITS a conversation on the songs that once dominated the summer charts and what makes the perfect summer song.  (Follow the POP PLAYLIST here).

New Music of the week include: (Follow the NEW ARTIST PICKS PLAYLIST here)
Ava Max "Million Dollar Baby"
Elton John & Britney Spears "Hold Me Closer"
BLACKPINK "Pink Venom"
Stacey Ryan "Deep End" 
Sophie and the Giants "We Own The Night" 

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Richie [00:00:03] Half hour. 


Jeff [00:00:08] Hello and welcome to Half Hour, an entertainment podcast through Two Worlds Entertainment. I'm Jeff. 


Richie [00:00:13] And I'm Richie. 


Jeff [00:00:14] And we're here to bring you a casual conversation on the shows, films, concerts and music that we see, listen to and observe throughout our careers. Today's conversation will feature current pop music hits from what, the whole summer of. 


Richie [00:00:29] 2022.


Jeff [00:00:30] 2022! Because we're doing a summer recap episode. So please follow along and listen to the music that we are discussing by going to our Instagram and TikTok accounts @HalfHourPodcast, and click the link in our bio and save and listen to our pop music playlists curated just for you by me. And sometimes Richie. 


Richie [00:00:52] Sometimes sometimes. 


Jeff [00:00:54] So yes, I wanted to take this pop episode and kind of do a summer recap because it's summer pop music and music in general is just very big in summer. It's like something I just wanted to talk to you about and get your opinion on as well. But do you want to start with what this summer song is or do you want to know a little bit about it? 


Richie [00:01:14] Well, I don't know what the summer song is, but I would love for you to explain to me and to our listeners who decides the summer song, how is it decided? And, you know, who has that authority to just decide, like the the song of this, I guess. I don't know. So I would love to know. And I don't know what it is either. So go. 


Jeff [00:01:31] So the official summer song is usually announced by Billboard. Everyone kind of does their own summer things, you know, there's voting competitions out there. Shazam does their summer song, Spotify does their summer song. Like, what's the most streamed by Spotify? Apple Music does. Everyone does it, but Billboard is the charts, so Billboard chooses the official song of the summer, and that's based on the cumulative performance on the weekly streaming airplay and sales based on Billboard's Hot 100 from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. 


Richie [00:02:01] Okay.


Jeff [00:02:02] So we all know kind of when those dates are, but and usually it's like the week after Memorial Day because that when the charts come in and then it's like the week after Labor Day, because that's when the charts come in for those weeks, sometimes like the week after. But yes. So. 


Richie [00:02:20] Thump, thump, thump. Ready? 


Jeff [00:02:21] Drum roll. First, I want to have him guess. 


Richie [00:02:22] Oh, I was going to guess, actually. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:02:24] First I want to have him guess what does he think that the official or something. Because it's out. It's official from Billboard. 


Richie [00:02:29] Yeah.


Jeff [00:02:30] What the summer song is. 


Richie [00:02:31] And I really, really, really don't know but I'm going to guess I really think it's "Break My Soul". 


Jeff [00:02:36] Really.


Richie [00:02:36] Beyonce saying. 


Jeff [00:02:37] I think it could crack the top ten, but it's not the song of the summer. 


Richie [00:02:41] Really.


Jeff [00:02:42] Yeah.


Richie [00:02:42] Okay. The other one I was going to say was, I was going to say like Harry Styles song or a Lizzo song, but I don't know which one. 


Jeff [00:02:49] Ok your close. 


Richie [00:02:50] Oh, man, I don't know. I'll just give up just to get it. 


Jeff [00:02:56] The official song of the summer from Billboard is Harry Styles "As It Was".


Richie [00:03:01] Oh, okay. I see that. 


Jeff [00:03:03] Mm hmm. 


Richie [00:03:04] And I thought it might have been one of his songs. And he has a few big songs, right? 


Jeff [00:03:08] Yeah. And I find that actually kind of interesting that that is the song of the summer. But that song has been in and out of the number one slot throughout the summer, but it was also released in April. 


Richie [00:03:18] So is that allowed? 


Jeff [00:03:20] It is allowed. Okay. You don't have to release by a certain point. It's just like what is selling that summer and what is being streamed the most and listen to the most of that is. 


Richie [00:03:29] Well, good for him. He's on tour right now. He had a big album. He's really growing so okay. 


Jeff [00:03:33] So interesting. 


Richie [00:03:34] A lot of times. I mean, when we talk about this more like not every time, but a lot of times the song of the summer is a female. So to see a male, not always, but it seems like it's a trending thing that a lot of times the female has the song of the summer. 


Jeff [00:03:45] Or in that future list that we're going to be talking about in the podcast. I just picked a lot of female songs. 


Richie [00:03:50] Okay, maybe, but yeah, yeah, okay. 


Jeff [00:03:53] But yes, yeah. You know, bop, pop, that, that, that song was it was great. What I want to know from you, did you have a favorite summer song? 


Richie [00:04:05] I really like "Break My Soul". It's so catchy. It's got a great beat. It was just played a lot before the album came out. It's still played a lot. It was just a lot of anticipation and it's simple. Yeah, it's got a great beat and a simple lyric that you can remember and bop to, and I just always it was on the radio. I blast it driving, working. I just like it, you know? I like. I gotcha. I really thought that was the one. Yeah, but I really, I would. There would be my favorite songs. 


Jeff [00:04:35] Yeah, I wrote down three! 


Richie [00:04:36] Okay.


Jeff [00:04:37] Because I was a little torn between what my summer songs were. But the first one I wrote down was Jessie Ware's "Free Yourself". 


Richie [00:04:45] Oh, I love it. 


Jeff [00:04:46] As one of my summer songs, I put Beyoncé's "Cuff It", even though that's not released as a single. That's my favorite song from the album. 


Richie [00:04:53] Okay.


Jeff [00:04:54] And it is fun, oddly enough, not oddly, but like fun fact it is getting picked up very quickly on Tik Tok right now, people are doing a big dance to it and I wonder if she will make that a single okay. The same way that alien superstar had a lot of traction on TikTok as well. She has not made another single, official single from Renaissance yet. 


Richie [00:05:17] Which she can right? 


Jeff [00:05:19] She can. 


Richie [00:05:19] Okay.


Jeff [00:05:19] But she has not released an official thing and she has still never released a music video to "Break My Soul". That because releasing no music videos to this and we have our whole theories on a lot Rennissance, right? 


Richie [00:05:31] Yeah.


Jeff [00:05:31] What is she doing? We know that this album is going to be another. 


Richie [00:05:34] There's a three part, right? So maybe music videos come after all three. Maybe she's just focusing on the music, maybe she's creating. Because I remember, was it Lemonade that there was all those videos? What was...


Jeff [00:05:43] Lemonade and her self-titled Beyonce. And they always do videos of videos. 


Richie [00:05:48] So we'll see. All right. She's got time to figure that out. 


Jeff [00:05:50] And I had one more song of the summer, which was Tiesto and Charli XCX's "Hot In It". 


Richie [00:05:55] I know you really like it always comes on and he sings it loud and proud. 


Jeff [00:06:00] So yeah, I thought that those three I was torn. I couldn't really pick my official one. I actually didn't even consider Harry Styles "As It Was" to be a summer song. So when I saw that that was the song, I was like, Oh wow. 


Richie [00:06:11] And I also think that Adele's album kind of came and went a little bit and I'm kind of missed a little bit of a mark to be. Summer Potential music. But her music is more chill. 


Jeff [00:06:20] She could of. 


Richie [00:06:21] She could of.


Jeff [00:06:22] But she kind of just didn't seem to happen. 


Richie [00:06:24] It didn't really go where her other ones have gone. Yeah. I'm a huge fan of her first couple of albums. 


Jeff [00:06:29] Yeah.


Richie [00:06:29] I mean, you know, so. 


Jeff [00:06:31] And then lastly, I want to ask you with this kind of who do you think was the artist of the summer?


Richie [00:06:37] So well, I think the "Break My Soul" for Beyonce was, I think Lizzo is the artist of the summer for me the special because she's got this concert coming up. She's always on TikTok and Instagram, always posting. She's very present to me. I think what helps is when you're present, Beyonce not seeing her doing a lot of like interviews and videos and photos she released and then see and maybe that was the Adele problem, too. She canceled that Las Vegas residency. It's taking forever to come back. Nothing wrong with that. I know that was emotional for her and she needed to find the right footing on that. But to me, I see Lizzo release this and it's like, hey, everyone, like, let's talk about it. I'm going to talk about it. I want you to listen. I want you to come like there's presence. And for me, I look at that as being like an artists of the summer because you're present and that's what is important to me, I think. 


Jeff [00:07:25] Yeah, I was also on a toss up between those two. I think the artists of the summer is either Beyoncé or Lizzo. I thought both of their albums were great. I really enjoyed Special. That's Lizzo's album, and I really enjoyed Renaissance, which is Beyonce's album. In terms of the artist doing a lot, I'm kind of in agreement with you that Lizzo is doing more for the promo of her album. Yes. I don't really think Beyoncé necessarily needs to do a lot of promo for this album because I think she has something under her sleeve for the rest of the Renaissance part of 1, 2, and 3, however many acts it's going to be that we're just not even prepared for. Like, this is a taste of what we're going to get with Beyoncé and next summer, I really think is going to be a summer mixed with Taylor Swift and we're going to get into that. But I kind of also agree with you. I think maybe Lizzo is getting artist of the summer.  


Richie [00:08:18] Maybe her songs are not hitting number one or one specific song is over the others. But just as a whole, I'm talking about her as as a person, as an artist, as an album, as a as a just a person. I think there is a whole great package there of like good vibes and good energy. 


Jeff [00:08:34] Yeah, but no her song "About Damn Time" hit number one. 


Richie [00:08:37] Yeah. Right, right. 


Jeff [00:08:38] So and "Am I Ready". 


Richie [00:08:41] Right.


Jeff [00:08:42] Is now also. It's also having a huge moment on TikTok now and so what the dance was with a"About Damn Time" she's now having it again and it's like taking off. 


Richie [00:08:50] Very quick and she cracked that sophomore slump that you talk about when you know after you have a big album, you know your second or third album maybe not to be able, she cracked that with TikTok and Instagram. I think she really figured out a way to get people listening to it, dancing to it, singing along with it. Yeah, her concert will probably be amazing. We'll talk about that in the fall because we're going. 


Jeff [00:09:09] We're going! So I'm excited for that one. 


Richie [00:09:10] Cool! Well, I have a question for you and for the @halfhour audience as well. And for that, what did you think about the music that was released this summer as a whole? 


Jeff [00:09:19] Hmm. You know. Looking back at a lot of the music that came out, a lot of the albums that came out, and I just looked at the list of like summer song potentials and I was kind of like, it's missing something. I, I hate using this word, but I do find that a lot of the musical, the music that was released this summer is kind of forgettable in terms of like, you know, if you think back to some of the years of like 2008, 2009, 2010, 11, 12, when we were having huge produced pop songs. They're still being played today and I don't really know from this year what is kind of going to still be played in ten years. And that's why I'm kind of like, I don't know if we really had like a really powerful summer music year. 


Richie [00:10:08] I feel like in entertainment as a whole, whether it's music or film or Broadway. Yeah, I'm using the phrase picking. It's 2000, 2022 for me is like the pick up the pieces here. Yeah, we've had this pandemic and it's like, Oh, this was an album that was supposed to come out two years ago. This was a Broadway show that was supposed to come out two years ago. This was a movie that we filmed four years ago, and we waited in and now it's coming out and we're still in the this something wrong with that? But I find that like 2023 is going to be this new concert, some new songs, new what people are doing now, getting together in studios and safely gathering again and putting that energy. And we're still on the tail end of like, oh yeah, that show that was supposed to come and now it's coming. We're like, Oh, that can't be. Like when we saw Chromatica, it was like supposed to come. And now it's just the summer of I don't know what other term to describe. The other is picking up the pieces that we had this horrible pandemic and now we're like picking up the pieces from it. And I don't know if we'll be doing that next summer, but maybe your theory of forgettable and not quite the summer of that is because we're still we're remembering that there are things lingering from 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022. It's that lingering feeling. Still not everything, but a good amount of things I find. 


Jeff [00:11:22] Yeah, I think it's a really interesting thing to ask the audience too, because what do they really think about the music that was released this past summer? I think there were some great things that did happen, but I also think a lot of the music is not really going to be remembered in that way of where it's getting played over and over and over again, unless you really fell in love with something. So it's like an interesting, interesting topic to really ask them. 


Richie [00:11:46] And now we're moving into the fall. It's a high anticipation, right? 


Jeff [00:11:50] Yes. So I actually wrote down some highly anticipated fall albums and these kind of have been on the docket since the spring. So they these artists didn't even want to release these this past summer. They want to release them in the fall. But upcoming, we have Rina Sawayama's "Hold The Girl", which we've already had a bunch of singles from Rina. And I'm excited to see what this whole album is going to bring. I'm going to be seeing the show. Super excited!


Richie [00:12:20] We will talk about that. 


Jeff [00:12:21] Blackpink is coming out with their next album, Born Pink, which is exciting as well. If you're a big K-Pop fan, I've always kind of been a Blackpink fan, which I'm excited about for them too. But the real date that's going to be very, very interesting is October 21st because we have four albums getting released that day. Carly Rae Jepsen "The Lonliest Time". Meghan Trainor "Taking It Back". Tegan and Sara "Crybaby" and Taylor Swift's "Midnights" are all getting released that day. What do you think about that. 


Richie [00:12:54] I don't know how I feel about that because that's like when that would be like if like four big movies came out on the same day or four big Broadway shows open on the same day, I'd like to scatter a little. I mean, there's and I know they try to find it on a Friday, but there's so many Fridays, I don't know, you know. Give everyone a minute. You know, but maybe that's just my thought, you know? 


Jeff [00:13:11] Yeah, well, we knew about Carly Rae for a while, and then we had others add to that date. And Taylor Swift just dropped this midnights getting released on October 21st. She was at the VMAs and she told everyone, Meet me at midnight because my next album is coming out on October 21st. 


Richie [00:13:29] We don't know too much about all this music coming out. I mean, we know a little bit, but we don't know much. We'll say. 


Jeff [00:13:34] No, we don't. But I, I guess my of thing question for you is like we're releasing on the same day as Taylor Swift. Smart or not? 


Richie [00:13:44] Well, correct me if I'm wrong. I thought Taylor Swift put her date up later than some of these people. So it's just. 


Jeff [00:13:50] She did. Yes. 


Richie [00:13:51] So it's not like these people chose to rain on her parade. Instead, these, this girl came on through and didn't care about these other three. 


Jeff [00:13:58] Okay. But if you were any of those artists, would you try to rush to release a week earlier or wait a week later? 


Richie [00:14:04] No, because you know me, I'd be like, no, that's the day I chose. That's when I'm working with, look, these Carly Rae, for example, she has a tour. There could be a reason why it's coming out a specific time. And in conjunction with her tour, see, I don't know. I think there's got if you're. 


Jeff [00:14:16] A mean, a smart thing with Carly is Carly starting our tour and the album is still not going to be our word. But see Carly and the album still not out. So come on. If the album's done. 


Richie [00:14:25] Yeah. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:14:27] Release it. Bring it up. Bring it out. Let people consume your album because you know no one's consuming anything after Taylor Swift releases that album. If you're a Taylor Swift fan, well, then we. 


Richie [00:14:36] Come into, like, holiday music and then it's the holidays and the calendar year is over, and then it's Grammy Awards. So it's like you really don't get new music again til maybe earliest April. For some you always have new music, but I'm saying big stars, you know? 


Jeff [00:14:48] Yeah, some people will release things. Yeah, you know, after the holidays is like a big push for the music again. And then we get back into the summer. Summer music. 


Richie [00:14:57] Right? It's all about the summer. 


Jeff [00:14:58] You know. So it's very interesting. It's very interesting for a lot of these albums. None of these will be considered for a Grammy this year. 


Richie [00:15:07] But because they're too late. 


Jeff [00:15:08] They'll be for next year. But this usually means that a lot of them would be touring in the spring or touring in the summer. So we already hear the rumor and let's call it Pop Music Alley in that Taylor Swift is gearing up on a tour next summer. So I mean. 


Richie [00:15:27] Yeah, right. Good, good, good. 


Jeff [00:15:30] Moving on and keeping on our summer theme here, I want to talk to you about what it means to make this summer hit. Okay. So like we talked about early, the summer hit is a song that's released and peaks its popularity during the summer. So Harry Styles did still and "As It Was" still lasted throughout the summer. So it peaked in the summer as well. But in some years, a single pop song will gain widespread international popularity during the summer season. And that becomes this summer's definitive summer hit in many countries. Many of the best known summer hits emerge from outside the British and American pop music industries. So it's usually either a Brit or an American that kind of gets that summer hit status. But also the major factors that make up a summer hit are the tempo, the melody and lyrics. And this is a fun kind of conversation I wanted to bring to you because I think in the musical theater space, this is a lot of stuff that we talk about in terms of like, you know, what did that show? How did it have great lyrics? Did it have a memorable music? Yeah, it was it directed well. And, you know, this is kind of just like the breakdown of a summer hit. So like, if we start with tempo, tempo has an astounding impact on the energy and pace of a song. Too slow and audiences tune out. Too fast and audiences flee if they feel overwhelmed. So there is a sweet spot though, for top summer hit tempo. And I wanted to see, do you think you might know what that well is like in terms of BPM? 


Richie [00:17:02] I don't know the specific BPM off the top of my head, but it's definitely a moderate feel. Like you said, it can't be too slow. It can't be too fast. I feel like it's got that vibe. Yeah. And I don't know if there's a specific medium that you're thinking of, but yes, it's going to be that medium tempo. 


Jeff [00:17:16] I did write one down, so I wanted to ask you would think, but it falls somewhere between 80 and 90 BPM. 


Richie [00:17:22] That makes sense. 


Jeff [00:17:23] Yeah.


Richie [00:17:23] Yeah. Because when you go over 100, you're usually at like a workout song or like a high energy. When you go below 80, you're going into ballad and you're going into sound slow. So I find that that's a good you're. 


Jeff [00:17:33] At it like a dance pace above 100 bpm. 


Richie [00:17:35] I always think of like it's something you're either going to drive to or dance to on the beach driving, you know, a people drive in the summer so you know. 


Jeff [00:17:43] So a fun fact about like I didn't put them on our hits of the summer. But Drake actually recently has had two of the songs of the summer, and his BPM is usually pretty slow, but it's them tempo that you can, like, listen to at the barbecue or you can listen to at the beach, you can listen to in the club. And I think that's really summertime or you're driving in the car. You always want to be listening and, you know, pounding dance music, right? You want something that's a little more casual, right? And you know, you can listen to it. But also so moving along like melody here, many of the principles that apply to the hook of a top summer hit apply to the song more broadly as well the rising melodic lines, the choice of time, signature, the use of repetition. Many artists are starting to add things to to their songs that make them unpredictable. The unusual instrumentation, a distinctive voice, which is something we always talk about, and even an instrument solo. Yeah. So if you think about some parts, you know, some are hits like Justin Bieber, Despacito with Luis Fonsi. 


Richie [00:18:48] That definitely. 


Jeff [00:18:51] Distinctive. You remember, it was a huge for them to have the. 


Richie [00:18:54] Trumpet in that song. Oh, the cheerleader. 


Jeff [00:18:57] Yes.


Richie [00:18:58] You know. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:18:58] And then. 


Richie [00:18:59] And.


Jeff [00:19:00] But also just this distinctive voice, you know. Do you have that voice? Someone like Olivia Rodrigo has that distinctive voice. Billie Eilish has that distinctive voice. You know. But I also think here that the hook really plays a major role in a summer song. So many summer songs are using hooks that reappear in the chorus, which for me, I think that this is great for the. Here because it's now. Memorable. 


Richie [00:19:25] Totally. Yeah, totally. I mean, the tempo is very important. The melody is always important. It's got to be something memorable in a way, I think. 


Jeff [00:19:33] And then it finally comes down to the lyrics. You know.


Richie [00:19:35] Sure, and the lyrics are important, I will say, you know, there's a famous Richard Rodgers quote where he says this is musical theater, but he says "a really good song actually has two of these three things too, tempo, melody". And I believe he says "harmony". He wasn't a lyricist. He had other people write Lyrics, which is, yes, still happens. But lyrics are very important too. I would have that as the fourth. But he added harmony to I love hearing harmonies. One of our Yeah, there are songs that are coming out that have great harmonies in them I really like. I think harmony is really important for musical theater and maybe not always for what. Tempo and melody are of course, important no matter what kind of song you're talking. 


Jeff [00:20:12] Right and lyrics in pop music are way more important than probably when we normally hear harmony. Harmony is, of course. 


Richie [00:20:18] In theater. 


Jeff [00:20:19] Dealing with more people on the stage. 


Richie [00:20:21] We're going to need harmony. 


Jeff [00:20:22] If you're just one. Yeah. What are you harmonizing with yourself? 


Richie [00:20:25] Right.


Jeff [00:20:25] Right. This is more about, like, the lyrics, you know, remembering something. A lot of people release their summer kind of style lyrics so that it kind of takes onto the season. But it's also been studied that lyrics that feature these four words Love, Baby, Feel and Time in their lyrics tend to kind of get that summer hit status. 


Richie [00:20:48] Yeah, yeah. Interesting. Yeah, that is interesting. Well, a lot of the songs are about falling in love. Falling out of love, right? You know, being in love with yourself. You know, there's a lot of different, you know, so for a lot of past songs of the summer. 


Jeff [00:21:00] Oh, yeah. And I want to go through, like, some past songs of the summer, and I want to see if you ever knew any of these. Yeah, obviously you probably do. But like in 2021, which was last summer, so dethroned was Olivia Rodrigo "Good 4 U". 


Richie [00:21:15] I love that. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:21:17] In 2019, it was Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road", which was huge that summer. In 2015 it was OMI's "Cheerleader". 


Richie [00:21:26] Yeah, I remember that. 


Jeff [00:21:27] You just said in 2012 it was Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" in 2010 it was Katy Perry's "California Gurls". 


Richie [00:21:35] Which I was very obsessed with. 


Jeff [00:21:36] Yes, but that even makes sense like why that was a huge summer hit.


Richie [00:21:40] So yeah, right, right. 


Jeff [00:21:42] In 2009, it was Black Eyed Peas. "I Got a Feeling". 2003 Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". 1999 Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle". In 1996, it was the Macarana. And then I'm not going to go back too far, but in 1993, it's UB40. "I can't help falling in love". So I kind of want to see with you, like, why do you think that some of these songs kind of claim that summer hit spot? 


Richie [00:22:09] I think they're really catchy. 


Jeff [00:22:10] Yeah.


Richie [00:22:10] I think that it's kind of if it's too wordy, if there's no quite strong melody and it's just kind of sitting there, it's not going to pop the chorus. I'm a big fan of a chorus that works, and the chorus to me has to be simple, articulate, clear and fun. And I'm not saying the song needs to be simple, give me a complex writing, but I think it just needs to have a good, simple, fun bop and a good sentence or two that you can keep repeating over. Yeah, you know. 


Jeff [00:22:38] And all of these, I think, really have that kind of. 


Richie [00:22:42] Center.


Jeff [00:22:43] Of course, that's repetitive. That's good. I mean, is there a song on this list that we don't listen to to this day? Maybe the Macarena people are so. 


Richie [00:22:51] Over, over. 


Jeff [00:22:52] Line dancing, but it's kind of coming back. 


Richie [00:22:55] It's kind of it's got. 


Jeff [00:22:56] In a way, We DJ weddings where people. 


Richie [00:22:58] Are clustered. 


Jeff [00:22:59] And we're requesting the Macarena people also I see them do the Macarena dance to other songs. 


Richie [00:23:04] Yes, yes, yes. 


Jeff [00:23:05] But I think the interesting one here is UB40 is "I can't help falling in love" because what they do to that song, they turned it into this tropical reggae style to it. It was a cover and but it still took this summer spot. 


Richie [00:23:20] Right.


Jeff [00:23:21] Which was, I think cool. But everything else, it kind of just makes sense. Yeah. 


Richie [00:23:25] Yeah. Definitely. 


Jeff [00:23:27] This question is for you and for the whole @HalfHour audience, but what is your favorite summer hit and why? 


Richie [00:23:34] So I mentioned it earlier. I really think out of those that you listed Katy Perry's "California Gurls", it was such a big song when I was younger and I loved it and it was just so like, Oh, I knew everywhere. I put it on all the time, every day in the summer. 


Jeff [00:23:49] I mean, it was legit peak Katy Perry. 


Richie [00:23:52] Yeah, I loved it. I loved the first time I heard. I was like, What is this? I loved it. I thought it was great. Yeah, definite great song for me. 


Jeff [00:23:59] I'm going to go Carly Rae Jepsen. "Call Me Maybe". 


Richie [00:24:01] Oh, that's so good. 


Jeff [00:24:02] You want to know why. Because that's what that song did to just like the social media game with YouTube and Vine and Instagram and all of these things kind of and Facebook and it just it had. This is pre TikTok. So, like, I was working on a radio station when this song came out. They weren't even playing music like this, but because people were coming up and they were requesting it like adults were requesting this song, my kid wants to hear this song "Call Me Maybe". 


Richie [00:24:32] Right! Right!


Jeff [00:24:33] And everyone was doing the dance, don't you remember? Like news reporters, they were all doing this, like, call me maybe, like, group dance. And I'm like, you know what? It just sunk. And everyone, like, I think you met a person and you were like, do you, like, Call Me Maybe? And they were like, Yeah, yeah. and if you didn't like Call Me Maybe... you weren't cool. 


Richie [00:24:50] Yeah, it was a great song. It really, really, it really is. There was between that and the California Gurls, for me, they're both great. They're both great songs.


Jeff [00:24:57] And around that same time and like, that's kind of why I bring up what we were talking about earlier. But like around 2009, 10, 12, Black Eyed Peas, I got a feeling Katy Perry's California Girls, Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me maybe even 2011 was or 2010 2011 was LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem". 


Richie [00:25:18] But when you think about that BPM and you hear them all, they Call Me Maybe, right? And call me maybe. Yeah, they're all that medium tempo.


Jeff [00:25:25] Yeah, this was a little speedier. 


Richie [00:25:26] Yeah. But it was. 


Jeff [00:25:27] More around like 120. 


Richie [00:25:28] They're not like, you know, shake it off, you know, really, really fast or they're not like, take it off fast. Yeah, that's very fast. Or an opposite, which would be rude. Slow ballad. Right, right. 


Jeff [00:25:35] Right. That was around the same time as Taylor Swift's Red era which was like, We are never getting back together. But anyway, that's our summer recap. 


Richie [00:25:46] There we go. 


Jeff [00:25:46] So we're going to go into our final little Bop or Flop now with our summer songs. These are the remainder songs that we didn't get to talk about. I have a little fun fact if we don't go over time, but let's do it. Bop or Flop. I tell Ritchie what we're doing, what song it is, and he tells me if it's a bop or flop, and then I give a little fun fact. So we're going to start with Ava, Max, Million Dollar Baby. 


Richie [00:26:11] Love it. Great. It's catchy. I really like it. I came out a little too late. My opinion should have come out earlier. 


Jeff [00:26:19] Yeah for the summer. The fun fact about this song is it samples LeAnn Rimes "Can't Fight the Moonlight", which was from the movie Coyote Ugly. And you can actually see Ava in the music video, kind of representing that whole Coyote Ugly feel. If you go back and watch it, she's working in a club and I'm like, I like that. She kind of does the whole nostalgic thing in terms of sampling things and doing a video. 


Richie [00:26:40] Yes.


Jeff [00:26:41] We have Elton John and Britney Spears's "Hold Me Closer". 


Richie [00:26:45] I'm going to say bop. And I was I had the bar set way high for this and I was a little underwhelmed. It's really catchy and fun and the original is good, too. And so, like, you know, I like this song. It was very disappointing to me in a way that you barely hear Britney Spears on it. I don't know why that was done like that. It was just odd that that was such an anticipated thing. And then it just kind of like it was a little letdown. 


Jeff [00:27:09] You know, I agree with you. I mean, I'm going to support anything that Britney Spears is doing. Outside of this conservatorship. And I hope that this is really what she wanted to be doing. 


Richie [00:27:18] Right.


Jeff [00:27:19] I was also a little shocked when I first heard the song. It's still good, it's still catchy, but I feel like I needed Britney to be a guest spot in here. Not, you know. Yeah. 


Richie [00:27:30] So backup vocals, right? But yeah. 


Jeff [00:27:34] Then we have Black Pink's Pink Venom. 


Richie [00:27:37] Yeah. Yes, Pop, I really like this. It's fun. It's just, you know. 


Jeff [00:27:42] I was wondering if you. 


Richie [00:27:43] Were going to I remember I. 


Jeff [00:27:45] Was really wondering because it was like, I don't know if this is his style. 


Richie [00:27:47] I mean, no, I like him. 


Jeff [00:27:48] Getting him into the K-Pop vibe. 


Richie [00:27:50] Yeah, I like it. No, I like it. I do. I really like an. 


Jeff [00:27:52] Interesting, fun fact here at the 2022 VMAs, Taylor Swift made a video where she revealed what she was going to be wearing at the show. And she does it to Black Pink's pink venom and she's showing her fear side because she's getting ready to release Midnight and tell us all about it. But there is a rumor that Blackpink is going to be a featured artist on this album. People are trying. They have all their ticktock speculations. I'm all over swift talk anyway. Yeah, I'm excited to see what's going to happen next. We have Stacy Ryan with her song Deep End. 


Richie [00:28:28] So I'm obsessed. It's super vibe. It's it talks about the four things tempo, melody, lyrics, harmony because it's harmony and I love that. I love it. I think it's so it's a simple message. It's got a great beat. I love the harmonies and I would totally love to hear her sing this live. 


Jeff [00:28:48] I wish this song was released in June because I think this had potential to kind of take over the summer, and I think it was just release a little too late. Fun fact about Stacy. She first began building a TikTok following with her jazz renditions of popular songs. 


Richie [00:29:03] She's a great voice. Yeah, yeah. 


Jeff [00:29:05] And she in January of 2020, Tune decided to put her own spin on a viral open verse challenge. She posted a short clip of her original song, Don't Text Me When You're Drunk. And she invited fellow artists to share their own take. So. Duet stood out, and after thousands of full song requests, these two artists came together to put this out as a single and has over 12 million streams at once. 


Richie [00:29:28] I would hope she returned to some live performance because she's really talented. I really like. 


Jeff [00:29:31] Her. So power of Tik Tok? Yes, I also this is a complete bop for me. Total love is like when I heard it, I was like, is this? 


Richie [00:29:40] Yeah.


Jeff [00:29:40] And then lastly, we have Sophie and the Giants. We own the night. 


Richie [00:29:43] Love this to bop the it's just a great vibe song. It's got a simple message and I love it. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:29:51] Here we go. Fun fact songs about making those unforgettable nights out with your friends. What's better than that? Yeah, and we got another five for five. 


Richie [00:30:01] But I put them all in bop category. Maybe it's a mix of you are finding really good songs like you always do and I'm liking more other things, although I always I won't tell you what, I don't really like it. So but it's good. So it was a good week, a good end of summer, you know, summertime sadness, as they say. It's the dog days of summer. We still have a couple of weeks technically of summer, but in terms of like, you know, life, people are like winding into fall now. Yeah, we got a lot of good stuff coming up. Oh, my gosh. Out of time. Wrapping it up. Wrapping it up. 


Jeff [00:30:32] Way out of time. 


Richie [00:30:34] I know we're over. 


Jeff [00:30:34] How many final words on the songs of the summer? 


Richie [00:30:37] It was an interesting summer of a lot of different styles of music, people trying new things out, being bold and brave. We'll see what the fall has. There's some cool things still coming out in the next few weeks. I'm always a big fan of holiday music. I know we have. I think Kelly Clarkson has some new holiday music maybe coming out. I mean, I'm wrong with that as an album. I think there's an album. 


Jeff [00:30:56] Well, for last year's. 


Richie [00:30:57] Oh, last year's. Got it. So now I know. But everybody always says like, here's what Christmas songs are. But there. 


Jeff [00:31:01] It is. Coming out today, a duet between Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton. 


Richie [00:31:07] Parton.


Jeff [00:31:07] Doing 9 to 5. So we will be talking about that after we listen to it. 


Richie [00:31:12] And we'll have lots to talk about. Lots of other shows, of course, talk about and lots of. 


Jeff [00:31:15] That's my girl, Kelly. So yeah. Anyway, thank you all for listening. We hope you enjoyed this podcast episode, so please subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Music and leave us a review. If you love what you heard today, we also want to you to join into our conversation and engage with us. Head over to our Instagram and TikTok accounts @HalfHourPodcast and comments on our latest posts about this podcast episode. We would love to hear from you. So until next time.


Richie [00:31:45] I'm Jeff. 


Richie [00:31:45] And I'm Richie. 


Jeff [00:31:46] Signing off for now. 


Richie [00:31:48] Ta Ta. 


Jeff [00:31:48] Bye