HALF HOUR with Jeff & Richie (An Entertainment Podcast)

The 75th Annual Tony Awards (Broadway Episode)

June 17, 2022 Two Worlds Entertainment Episode 60
HALF HOUR with Jeff & Richie (An Entertainment Podcast)
The 75th Annual Tony Awards (Broadway Episode)
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TONY AWARDS 2022! In this episode, Jeff and Richie talk all about the 75th Annual TONY AWARDS! Nominees that won, Nominees that didn't win (and should have), as well as special performances and highlighted moments are all discussed in this high energy podcast episode! Check it out!

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HALF HOUR - The Tony Awards - Edited.m4a


Richie [00:00:03] Half hour. Hello and welcome to Half Hour, an entertainment podcast through two worlds entertainment. I'm Richie and. 


Jeff [00:00:13] I'm Jeff. 


Richie [00:00:14] And were here to bring you another podcast episode on the casual conversations of the things we see and observe throughout our careers both the concerts and the shows and the movies and all those things. We are going to feature some spoilers today on what we're talking about, so please make sure that you have watched or observed what we are talking about today before continuing on. You have been warned, but today we're talking about an award ceremony and today it's all about the Tony Awards, the 2022 Tony Awards, the 75th Annual Tony Awards, and those were held on Sunday evening. And we are here today to discuss everything about the Tony Awards, what we liked, what we didn't, some of our favorite moments, some of the potential snubs, the things we thought deserved to win, all that stuff. It's all about the Tony Awards, whether you've seen all these shows or not, just check out those Tony Awards because there were some amazing things happening there. It was on CBS and Paramount Plus. So I'm sure there's a way you can find clips or go back and find segments of that from the other day. So we're diving into the Tony Awards first. We're going to start with just general overall thoughts. Jeff. So what were your overall thoughts as just the Tony Awards ceremony as a whole? 


Jeff [00:01:27] And here we go. 


Richie [00:01:28] Here we go. 


Jeff [00:01:29] Well, first of all, I'd like to say, wow, we're back this year with Broadway finally with you know, we watched the like abbreviated version of the Tony's in the fall, which showcased some of the shows that opened before the pandemic. And now we had such a big, wide range of shows this year that were showcased at this year's Tony's. So it was great to actually see, you know, everything getting the honor that they deserve at the Tony's. Overall, I thought the Tony's were good. I wasn't really like blown away by the whole show and performance. It seemed like a lot of people were just like getting back into the swing of things. And yeah, it was just, I like it. It was an okay performance. It was an okay show. 


Richie [00:02:15] I think every year the Tony Awards are a little different for me. Sometimes they're like, Wow! And sometimes like, okay, this. There are some great moments this year. There were some things I would have changed maybe and done differently. You know, the format has changed now. Used to be one award ceremony on CBS last year. It became like 2 hours on Paramount plus 2 hours on CBS. Now we're back to like this full three hour segment on CBS. But the first hour from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. was on Paramount Plus. So it's almost like, do you have cable to your Paramount Plus? Do you have both? We are both here. So we were able to watch both the design categories were all given from 7 to 8 with Darren Criss and Julianne Hough hosting that. I thought that first hour went well. I actually liked Darren Criss and Julianne Hough hosting. I thought there were some really nice moments. Their opening number was fun. Yeah, it was nice to see those speeches. What I think the Tonys used to do is they used to do this thing, and I don't even know if the Academy Awards do this, too, but you'll hear the announcer during the commercial break. The Scenic Design Award went to Blank and it shows like 5 seconds of the speech and it's like, thank you to the academy during the commercial break, the next award. And I'm like, Wait, I want to see those people. So it was very cool that we got to see all those speeches in the full hour on Paramount plus, winning those awards. 


Jeff [00:03:34] That makes sense. I didn't even realize. Yeah. Now thinking back to the past Tony Awards. Yeah. They did use to just clip them. Yeah. Come back from the commercial break so yeah actually I do. I almost was going to say why are we breaking this up now? Why are we making this confusing for us viewers to be like, okay, now we got to go to Paramount Plus or are we going to go to the TV? But now it's like, Oh, wait, actually they never really televised that to begin with the different design categories. 


Richie [00:03:59] So it's nice. 


Jeff [00:04:00] It was kind of nice to watch that. It was like it was instead of watching a red carpet. We're watching the hour before design awards winning. 


Richie [00:04:07] Right. And it was nice to see that and to honor that. And we're going to talk a little bit more about awards the next segment in terms of who we think won, deserved and who could have won all that. But I thought that was nice. Then we would dove into this the CBS, you know, the main televised Tony Awards with Ariana DeBose hosting. I thought she was a very different host compared to the past. A lot of times these award shows choose comedians to host and it's usually like a bit where like they're making fun of the industry or they're talking about and this was like, no, we're going to put this like, like singing, dancing, acting, triple threat, amazing performer as the host. And she's going to sing throughout the whole show and she's going to dance throughout the show. That was different than what we've seen in the past, and I think it totally worked. It was nice to see her dancing and singing and acting. It totally worked. I thought . I will say that I wish there were some moments where she kind of just talked and hosted and felt like she could just, like, crack a joke or two and talk to some people instead of, like, let me run over and sing and sit on this person's lap and let me run over and do this number. To me, it was a little too much of it, but I did like the moments where she was singing and dancing, I think. I thought that was nice. 


Jeff [00:05:22] I think what's interesting right now, so like we had the pre-show hosts, Darren Criss and Julianne Hough, which it's like they're both on Broadway this year. In the season, they were not nominated. So it's like, let's put them in the spotlights here. They were fine. And then we have Ariana DeBose and I'm like, I don't know what it was for me, but all three of them kind of just don't have the presence of being host, if that makes sense. It's like, I think we have this idea of like you're saying, yeah, usually like a comedian is the host or someone. I just sometimes it's like the presence just needs to be there. Like they're carrying this whole awards show. 


Richie [00:06:03] Yes. However, I will say that what I found refreshing was and no offense to these people, but it wasn't Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, James Corden, the people who have Billy Crystal, the same names of people up there. Host! You know, we had Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth one year. That was kind of cool. I think it was just nice to see young, fresh, different type of talent up there hosting this. I thought that was a nice turn. 


Jeff [00:06:30] Yeah, I'm not disagreeing with you. I like having young people up there and taking the spotlight there. But she was doing something interesting for me that just didn't make sense. I didn't find it. She was being herself as a host. She was playing a character almost like straight out of being the narrator in cabaret or, you know. 


Richie [00:06:49] And maybe that was a choice. 


Jeff [00:06:50] Yeah, definitely. Because we've heard her speak before and she was doing this weird dialect thing with her when she was speaking. And I'm like, Why is she doing that? And I think it took away from her moment to really shine as a host of this show. But that's just my yeah. 


Richie [00:07:06] I think if she knows where her talents are, which is singing and dancing, and I think why not showcase a lot of that. I just thought it was a little too much at times, but I thought when she was doing it, she was she was a like a star. 


Jeff [00:07:16] Yeah. And I thought the opening number was fun. I thought it was, you know, great that they're bringing in the writers from six to. 


Richie [00:07:23] Yeah!


Jeff [00:07:23] Opening number. 


Richie [00:07:24] And they highlighted so many lyrics and melody lines from so many old shows. I thought that was very cool in the beginning and the ending. 


Jeff [00:07:30] Another weird thing that they did, though, is like they're like, okay, can you guess the shows that we're singing about and they're literally putting them up on the screen.


Richie [00:07:38] Yeah.


Jeff [00:07:39] We always like the part where, Oh my God, that's an intro, that's wicked. And that's because they did the whole mash up thing, which it was funny, but it was like, why? Why put that in there to say, Can you guess? And there it is. 


Richie [00:07:52] Right, right, right, exactly. Exactly. But the overall Tony Awards was great. I'm really glad that we got to talk a little bit about that. We're going to dove a little bit into our next segment now, which is these specific awards. I wanted to ask you a little bit. We're going to get to other Tony moments, too, because there are many other moments. But I just want to talk for a few minutes about the specific awards. First question I have for you, who are some winners that you think deserved the win, meaning they won the Tony Award and you totally understand why they deserved that win and they got the award. Who are those people, whether they are designers or performers or the show itself? Go. 


Jeff [00:08:30] I'll go by saying I actually think I was happy with and quite pleasant with almost all of the award winners. I thought that the Tony's did a very great job at spreading the wealth to many different shows. I do agree. Like my top four here, that definitely should have won. And they did win. I think A Strange Loop should have won for Best Musical and it did. Joaquina Kalukango for leading actress. Six for score. And Montana Levi Blanco for the costumes from The Skin of Our Teeth. Those four for me were like, thank you. Those four deserved it. I mean, those things are those are some of the awards that I'm still talking about. 


Richie [00:09:13] I agree with all of those. I would also throw in that I do think Myles Frost, winning leading actor for MJ, makes complete sense of what he's doing on that stage is amazing. I think Jesse Tyler Ferguson winning for Take Me Out makes complete sense. He's so wonderful. Matt Doyle winning and Patti LuPone winning for company makes complete sense to me and company winning best revival. That all makes sense to me. I really, really agree with all that. Yeah, I. 


Jeff [00:09:38] Agree with those. I think I'm happy with all of those winners if someone else won in those categories. So I wouldn't have disappointed. I think what I'm saying is these four to me really deserved that award. Yes, everyone else deserves their awards, too. But there are other people in those categories. And you'll hear me. 


Richie [00:09:55] You will talk about those in a second. 


Jeff [00:09:57] Saying, I think they should've won. 


Richie [00:09:58] Yes, I will say that. And I also had Marianne Elliott for Company Direction, really, really amazing direction there. So I really was impressed with that. And the choreography, I mean, Chris Wheeldon winning for MJ, that is amazing, amazing choreography. 


Jeff [00:10:11] You know what's so great about that show with that choreo? Is that up close? We were far back in that show. 


Richie [00:10:18] in MJ. 


Jeff [00:10:20] We were far back. So seeing the dancing up close on TV, I was like, He took the MJ actual choreo from his tour and I really feel like he took it and was inspired by it. But he didn't just put MJ. 


Richie [00:10:34] Know, he put detailed choreohraphy up there. Yeah. 


Jeff [00:10:37] You when you're putting an ensemble up there and you're giving them certain MJ moves, they're just doing it so clean and crisp. I'm, I still am blown away by that ensemble of that. 


Richie [00:10:47] Oh, yes. Oh, yes, for sure. It's totally a next question. I have name a few of the nominees that should have maybe won in your opinion, but did not win at this Tony Awards. 


Jeff [00:11:00] Here we go. I think these four again, I'll say I'm happy with the winners, but I think these four could have won. I think Rob McClure go to one for Doubtfire because I still think what he did was amazing and it's no, nothing against Myles Frost. I we technically didn't see him. We just know what the role is. 


Richie [00:11:21] So yeah. 


Jeff [00:11:23] Because we saw the understudy, but seeing Rob McClure do what he did it was just out of this world. I unpopular opinion I think the music man should have won over Company for best revival. Okay. 


Richie [00:11:36] Oh, that's good. That's great. I hear you say, what is it? I mean, I loved the Company revival and I loved the Music Man revival that's very hard for me. It's very hard. They're both. I will keep going because I'll let you know mine after years. So keep going. 


Jeff [00:11:52] I think that Trouble In Mind should have won for best play revival. And I think that Gabby Beans should have won for leading acctress in a play. 


Richie [00:12:00] And that was an amazing performance. 


Jeff [00:12:02] I'm sorry. But what she is doing in that role and what she did do and the role because the show is closed now, is out of this world. I still think that she is the one to be on the look out for. 


Richie [00:12:13] Oh yeah. 


Jeff [00:12:13] Her after and on that whole show. If there's any show that I really feel was completely snubbed because it wasn't totally because I think they won for both set and costumes. 


Richie [00:12:23] Right. Scenic design of a play went to Lehman Trilogy. 


Jeff [00:12:28] Oh.


Richie [00:12:29] So no but it did the costumes did when. 


Jeff [00:12:32] It did when they. 


Richie [00:12:32] Were amazing costume. 


Jeff [00:12:33] I think that that show is definitely the underdog and was underappreciated this year because the directing, the acting, the story, the set, everything was so thought out. And I'll continue to keep saying that over and over and over again because it was so good. 


Richie [00:12:50] Here are some of my thoughts on some of these snubs. The Music Man not winning anything is shocking to me. 


Jeff [00:12:57] Yeah, I mean, not really, because I. 


Richie [00:13:00] Understand.


Jeff [00:13:00] Politics with this. 


Richie [00:13:01] Maybe, but I and I know it's selling and they have no problem with sales. And we're going to talk about the awards first. You know, everyone wants to oh, does this win something because it needs ticket sales or it doesn't need ticket sales? Regardless of that, I think the music man could have really the biggest snub for me, I really think the costumes should have gone into costume win for musical should went to music man those costumes are astonishing and when you have to costume 40 something people and some people many many different costumes in one role, versus and this is where it's tough you're talking about the design. You're not talking about the quantity of costumes. I understand everything. Right. It's just about the design. But when Gabriella Slade wins the costume design for musical four Six and they're amazing costumes and they're like, period, but modern and like, what a brilliant design, but design Six costumes where they don't have to change out of those costumes and they stay in one costume, the whole show and there's only six. And the costumes for the band behind them too. Yeah. And that wins over 40 something people wearing hundreds of costumes and add some shoes and gloves. And to me, it's tough. It's, you know, I've heard the debates before. Like, why do modern plays that are set where people are like jeans and t shirts and stuff? Why are they? A lot of times you don't see them nominated or winning costume? Because in a modern look, maybe, for example, like costume design, a musical like did did company get that? No, there was no costume design nomination for company. Is it just because they're all in modern clothes? There's a debate in the industry right now. We have a whole podcast about that. Why designing a costumes period pieces tend to win six is kind of set in somewhat of period. I understand the creativity there. I just think of music. I was going to win a Tony nomination. I really thought... a Tony award. I really thought that that was going to win costume. 


Jeff [00:14:50] I didn't think it was going to win for costumes. I get your where you're. Idea is coming from around because it's it's period it's definitely costume and they were done really well, but it's not unique. Right. And I think if we're looking at things that are unique, we're taking a story about the six wives. And that's not what they would be dressed in. 


Richie [00:15:15] Right.


Jeff [00:15:16] So to have this vision of something beautiful and pop and hot. 


Richie [00:15:21] But also with odes to the period. Yeah. Which is very smart and I understand it's deserving. 


Jeff [00:15:26] And I'm just saying, but it's inspired and it's like these are the women that are coming in their knight in shining armor like, no, we're taking back our voice. And I think there's so much more storytelling throughout those costumes. And that's why it won verse is the storytelling through the music. Man. I actually think the biggest snub for The Music Man was the choreo because it was out of this world. 


Richie [00:15:46] Yeah, it was amazing. 


Jeff [00:15:47] Yeah, but the MJ choreo was amazing too. 


Richie [00:15:49] was also amazing. 


Jeff [00:15:50] So it's hard. It's a very hard year. And also like for overall show, I'll keep saying it, I don't really think Company was a really good revival. That's just my opinion. Okay. And I'm not a big fan of the music man. And the music man really sold me on this show. So it did something really well and I thought it was a better show. 


Richie [00:16:10] I think company, I like the old company and the new company. I like how it was reinvented. 


Jeff [00:16:17] But I think I. 


Richie [00:16:17] Do thought you think the performances and company that one like Matt Doyle and Patti LuPone make sense to me. 


Jeff [00:16:22] I think they're good and I think a Company's fine. But I also think there's a lot of ode to Stephen Sondheim this year in maybe Company winning. 


Richie [00:16:31] Well, we'll talk about him coming up because I want to wrap up the award section first on my other snubs or thinking more snubs. Listen, I will say something. I saw Gabby Beans in the Skin of Our Teeth. I saw LaChanze and Trouble In Mind. I saw Mary-Louise Parker and How I Learned to Drive. I did not see Ruth Negga and in Macbeth, Deirdre O'Connell from Dana H. wins leading actress for play. I have heard that the performance was amazing, however, and Lehman Trilogy won a lot this year. I didn't see that or Dana H because this was earlier in the year. My issue with a lot of this is when you watch the Grammy Awards, when you watch the Oscars and when you watch the Emmys and things win, what is one of the first things that oh, I should I should watch that now. I won a bunch of oh, actually, I didn't see that movie. I didn't hear that album. This is the only, you know, arguably speaking, one of the only awards categories where, oh, Lehman Trilogy went well. I can't go see that now. Oh, wait, she won for Deirdre O'Connell. One for Dana H. Oh, I can't go see that now. Yeah. Oh, this blah, blah, blah. I won for Girl From the North Country. Well that's closing in for two. And the only reason I will say this is because Omicron came so many shows shut down again in December and January, and these plays that did so well and they ran substantially throughout the fall and into the winter, but they didn't run long enough for a lot of people to see it. And so for me, normally I'd be like, okay, it was a limited run. It was announced at 16 weeks. You got to go see it when you see it. But these shows that open, they were limited runs, then they closed. We weren't sure they were coming back and then to win all these awards, I'm just mad because I'm like, Oh, I would have wanted to see all these award winning performances. And I'm not saying it's Omicron or COVID, but I'm saying some shows just never reopened again. And it's tough or maybe didn't want to keep going past January 1st. And so that's tough. And it's yeah, it's. 


Jeff [00:18:18] So expensive to run. They're not selling tickets. 


Richie [00:18:21] I would have liked to see Deidre O'Connell in Dana H. Because I'm really proud of her for winning that. I just didn't. I just I also thought Gabby Beans, LaChanze or Mary-Louise Parker could have won that as well. They were all right. 


Jeff [00:18:31] But we also could have saw Dana H. 


Richie [00:18:32] Yeah, yeah. 


Jeff [00:18:32] So it's not like we know. 


Richie [00:18:34] I know. But I think if it was running longer, but it was so many things, we're like, Oh, we got to end this a week early now because of COVID. 


Jeff [00:18:40] And yeah, and I don't think a performance should be discredited just because a show is closed. 


Richie [00:18:45] No, I think. 


Jeff [00:18:46] Because plays. No, I'm saying why it's like, yeah, it stinks that they closed down. 


Richie [00:18:50] We can't. I'm saying the accessibility of people now people can go see company now people can't go see take me out now. People can't go see how I learned to drive. People can't go see skeleton crew. People can't go see Clyde's. I mean, there's so many things they see every year. There's a few things that have just closed. 


Jeff [00:19:07] But almsot every play is going to be closed. 


Richie [00:19:08] But no, but but you do have hangman is running a little bit longer. The minutes is running two more months. You have Plaza suite which didn't really get any nominations. That's running another month. There's there's still things that are you can go see I just found that this year in particular, I found so many more shows closed early than usual. Yes. Every year at Tony's, there's like couple of things that have already closed. I understand that. It just seemed like there was so much that's already happening. 


Jeff [00:19:35] This again next year because most of the plays. 


Richie [00:19:37] Are fall only are fun, which is why we got to target those eventually. 


Jeff [00:19:41] Going to be nominated for the Tonys. 


Richie [00:19:43] So it's a that's how the industry works. And I understand that. It's just when you watch the Academy Awards, the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, you can go immediately find this content. 


Jeff [00:19:52] And so we talk about this all the time if Broadway. Really? Heard they would be filming their shows and putting the movie on streaming services or in a place where people can watch it. But still, Broadway is not a very accessible thing to people. 


Richie [00:20:04] It's tough still and needs to be more accessible. And it's also we're talking about one city of live performances, Tony Awards. Don't look at all the cities of America. Really. We're talking about success. 


Jeff [00:20:14] But why was Dana H. Not recorded and put up somewhere? It should not cost the producers anything to do that, and they could probably make money from it. 


Richie [00:20:23] Because I would like to see this woman's performance that she just won Tony award for. I would really want. 


Jeff [00:20:26] And we know it's filmed out there somewhere. 


Richie [00:20:28] Yeah, yeah. Well, because it's time I want to move quickly through here. Any speeches stand out as memorable. 


Jeff [00:20:33] Go just one or maybe two. I thought Joaquina's. Joaquin's speech was really great and powerful and moving and you could just see so much passion behind her and wanting this so bad and being part of something for so long. And I actually felt quite moved by Matt Doyle's said. Yeah, because I thought he, you know, deserved it too. 


Richie [00:20:57] Yeah, I thought they were both great, those same exact thing. Everyone else was okay. But those two definitely stood out for me, for sure. 


Jeff [00:21:03] Yeah. A lot of them seem to be unprepared. 


Richie [00:21:05] Yeah, a little bit. 


Jeff [00:21:07] Is odd for me because if you are nominated, I think you should, like. 


Richie [00:21:11] Have something. 


Jeff [00:21:11] Super prepared. 


Richie [00:21:12] Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's go on to some of the other Tony moments as we get ready to wrap up here. I want there was a lot of other things besides handing out the awards that I wanted to bring up here and talk a little bit about. Yeah, let's first go on to the Stephen Sondheim tribute. The legendary Bernadette Peters comes out and sings, Children Will Listen. We see some clips and some photos of Stephen Sondheim behind her. I have thoughts of that. What are your thoughts? 


Jeff [00:21:36] Well, first of all, Bernadette is Bernadette. STAR. AMAZING. 


Richie [00:21:39] And I will say this, out of every single person that opened their mouth and sang a song at that 3 to 4 hour Tony Awards, by far her vocals were the strongest. I have never heard someone with such control, the vocal control that this woman has. At 70 something years old to sing that very challenging song with ease. I understand she originated this role long ago, but I was like, out of every vocal that was like near perfect to me, her vocal on that performance know? 


Jeff [00:22:10] I think she's just effortless. 


Richie [00:22:12] Effortless and a star and gorgeous. I love her. 


Jeff [00:22:16] You love her. And I mean, if people can see that, it's yeah, you know, that must be opinion. But overall, the tribute seemed very lackluster to me. 


Richie [00:22:24] To me, the way I look at it is he passed away in November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, almost seven months, 6 to 7 months that the Tony Awards had to prepare this. This is one of the biggest icons in the industry who has passed away. Where was multiple people singing medleys of his music? Where was different clips of his life over the not just a couple speeches? It was like, okay, put Bernadette up there, sing one of his songs and move on. I was like, I just thought it was rushed. I thought it wasn't well executed. I thought it could happen correctly. 


Jeff [00:22:56] I feel like the Grammys did a better tribute to him. 


Richie [00:22:59] They had multiple people singing, multiple beautiful mashup of his songs. It was Cynthia Erivo, Ben Platt, and. 


Jeff [00:23:06] Yes.


Richie [00:23:07] And it was it was an Aaron Burr. 


Jeff [00:23:09] From West Side Story and what's her name? 


Richie [00:23:11] Yes, but I'm forgetting. Oh, it'll come to me. Aaron Burr from battle. Leslie Odom, Jr. Well, yes. Yeah. This was like, yes, of course, Bernadette's doing this amazing performance of this. But like, where is more of it just seemed like put one song up and move on. It didn't seem it was enough. 


Jeff [00:23:29] Like it felt like the kid in the class that threw something together in the morning of. Yeah, hey, Bernadette, you're going to sing this song because you know the lyrics, and we found these clips. 


Richie [00:23:41] And we're just. 


Jeff [00:23:42] Going to put it together in a little PowerPoint presentation and we're going to be happy with. 


Richie [00:23:46] Has so many original members of his cast still living many yeah. And from original casts of company from original cast of Sweeney Todd. Well, then Len Cariou came out from Sweeney Todd at some point for Angela Lansbury which is different. But all these and I'm like, I just thought that was quick and rushed and it didn't give the Oh, that was just my thoughts on that. But she was amazing and she's she can do no wrong. Let's go to the In Memoriam. Billy Porter singing a gorgeous reworking of On the Street Where You Live From, My Fair Lady. Thoughts on the In Memoriam. 


Jeff [00:24:20] You know, In Memoriam are always interesting for me because it's like it becomes about the person singing. And I thought he did a terrific job. But what he did with singing that song again, The In Memoriam just seemed a little bit like lackluster, too. There was not much going on. I actually think they should have just combined the Stephen Sondheim tribute with Memoriam together and made it really one big thing with each other. 


Richie [00:24:45] I thought whoever rearranged, we orchestrated that on the street where you live. I mean, usually that's all I go to. It's a little boppy. And this was so and to think of. On the street where you live, which we know from the play as being like a boy who loves this woman on the street. And to think of it is like, Oh, I just thought of the lyrics so differently. Thinking about the people who've passed on and the love we have for them and the love they had for their craft with a song like that was really, really amazing. Let's go to the Angela Lansbury Tony Lifetime Achievement Award and the New York City Gay Men's Choir performance, and Len Cariou, who is the original Sweeney Todd, accepting that award on her behalf. I thought. 


Jeff [00:25:26] Did it even happen? 


Richie [00:25:27] To you now. So what do you think? 


Jeff [00:25:32] I just go with your thoughts. There's not much to say about it. It was a little bit like. 


Richie [00:25:38] First of all, hi CBS. Hi, Paramount. Whatever. Hi, Tony League or Broadway League? Tony Awards. You cannot in my opinion, you cannot build up the general public to say Angela Lansbury is receiving life Angela. We haven't seen Angela Lansbury in a while. She's living she's very well. She's older now. Right. To think that we're going to maybe see her and then not see her is no fault to her, but to the people organizing that award. Mm. If she's not well enough to show up or for whatever reason, fine. Where was the quick prerecorded 32nd video? We live in the techno. We just were all on Zoom for two years. You couldn't send a make up hair camera team to her house and record a quick thing. Or maybe at the very least take a photo and say This was Angela earlier in the week. She says, hi, some something. I mean, I loved that throwback montage of her over the years. Same thing with like when Liza came out at the Oscars. It's like, are they not? Are they well enough to come in person? Are they not? If they're not, it's okay do a video. But I was really thinking we're going to see her. And then to not I was like, no, I'm not saying it's anyone's fault. They didn't say she will be accepting it, but you really thought she was. And I was just sad that we didn't see her. You're giving this amazing award, but I did love the New York City Gay Men's Choir performance. Mame is, like, iconic. That's her thing. And I and I love that. And that's amazing. Pride Month, you know, having the NYC Gay men's choir perform, that is amazing. It was great and I'm so happy for her. What a career. What a job. Acceptt that, you know, that was her. That was her guy for so many years. And that show, you know. And so they did it well. I was just disappointed to no one's true fault, but I was just disappointed that she wasn't there. And I hope she's. 


Jeff [00:27:26] Well, it was just a very awkward moment tonight. It was just like, yeah, like you're saying, it was billed very differently than. Yes. 


Richie [00:27:33] And and if you're not well enough, could we have had other options? Could there have been a photo video? We saw a photo of Betty White the week before she passed away in our living room. Like, I'm not saying we have to take a photo regardless. Maybe she's not well. And I'm so sorry to hear that if she's not. But I just thought it was odd that they built it up like she would. I, I really thought she was going to be there. But anyway, that was that was a nice moment and moving forward because once I thought Spring Awakening performance, 15 year anniversary reunion of the full original cast and I believe the band too. Thoughts. 


Jeff [00:28:03] Well, first of all, I loved it. I mean, I first of all, Touch Me is a beautiful song.


Richie [00:28:09] I love that. 


Jeff [00:28:09] Song. The Choreo is so iconic and a number and they're doing it all together. It's just like we've now had the documentary. We have this happening on the stage. Like, what are they bringing us? 


Richie [00:28:20] They bring about, are they bringing this cast back again? Are they bringing the show back again at some point? Is the movie really in the works now? Again, yeah. 


Jeff [00:28:28] But it was really it was done so well. Some people are like up in arms about, you know, having Spring Awakening be part of this show, which I don't see anything wrong with why it was performing. I loved it. 


Richie [00:28:40] Why thinking cast together like that once in a while every they should make it every year what show next year celebrating 20 years 25 years, you know, 15 year, whatever. And bringing some of the. 


Jeff [00:28:49] Cast to Spring Awakening was such a groundbreaking show. It was a show that was determined to be a flop and became a super successful piece and it was done really well. I love to seeing them of their because I feel like that was my first like fan dome musical. 


Richie [00:29:05] Yeah.


Jeff [00:29:06] So yeah, it was wonderful. 


Richie [00:29:08] And final question, performances from the nominated shows, any performance stand out to you as really amazing from the revival musical and best musical categories? 


Jeff [00:29:20] I'll go with this based on I'm not going to go watch any of them again, maybe Six. 


Richie [00:29:26] That was. 


Jeff [00:29:26] Great. And maybe the Music Man, because I've heard it five times. I play it every day, I've heard it five times at my dinner table. 


Richie [00:29:33] I mean, I loved the Tony performance of the musical. It is like pure joy with a capital J, you see, just like tap dancing and marching band and everyone's happy. And I know that not all theater is like that, but I just I was in awe of that. Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster. 


Jeff [00:29:51] We're going to call it out. We're going to call it out. Right? Music man. Why did they not have Sutton Foster sing anything? 


Richie [00:29:57] Makes no sense to me. She was Tony nominated and I know not every Tony nominated, female or male sang, but she couldn't do a medley with the quartet leading into 76 trombones or something. They couldn't put a little mash up medley together. I was like, Come on, we're waiting for Sutton Foster's. And we obviously saw a live do it and was brilliant. And I'm like, Oh, it's Sutton Foster. She sings, I like every Tony, doesn't she? I don't know. 


Jeff [00:30:17] All right, that's fine. He sings a verse. 


Richie [00:30:19] Let him go. I know. 


Jeff [00:30:21] Of course. Let her sing the next 76 trombones. 


Richie [00:30:23] Trombones. Come on. 


Jeff [00:30:25] Come on. Let's. I would. 


Richie [00:30:26] Like to. But you all got it. But maybe they're like, you all got to buy a very expensive ticket to come see her sing, though. The score, I guess. I don't know. 


Jeff [00:30:32] Well, I guess so. But yeah, I mean, everyone else, they were great. I mean, I would have also liked to see a Company mash up, but yeah. 


Richie [00:30:40] I missed Patti's singing and Matt Doyle singing. 


Jeff [00:30:42] Singing, but again, they're probably like, Oh, we know that they're winning. 


Richie [00:30:45] So we'll get people by the beginning and we'll do the open. 


Jeff [00:30:48] If you want to see Patti, you know, shake her martini glass. Ah, yes, yes. Oh. 


Richie [00:30:56] Oh, my gosh. Out of time. And that flew by. I could talk about this forever, but that was wonderful. Any final thoughts on the 75th Annual Tony Awards? You know. 


Jeff [00:31:04] That's a wrap. Great season. I'm so excited for the next season. There's already like 30 shows coming up. 


Richie [00:31:10] We have it starting with July Kite Runner, the first show coming and into the woods in July. So there's already new shows in the works right now and we've got lots more. 


Jeff [00:31:18] We have so much coming up in the podcast. So it's it's not ending. 


Richie [00:31:22] No, it's just beginning. 


Jeff [00:31:24] But it was it was great. I always like the round up of each season. So we had our Grammys, now we had our Tonys and now we're done. 


Richie [00:31:31] It all over. And I really enjoyed this. It was really, really nice to just see. And I'm just and like I said, I'm very proud of Strange Loop. It's a great, great show. And kudos to them for winning the best musical, the big, big award of the night. Yeah, totally. Well, thank you all so much for listening. We really hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please make sure you check out @halfhourpodcast on all social media platforms. Also two words entertainment as well. Follow like com and let us know what you think of what you're hearing and engage with us. Every Friday afternoon we are releasing a new podcast episode. We're alternating between 3 p.m., 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So we're alternating between Broadway and theater episodes every other week versus the pop music episodes every other week. So you'll get a lot about the summer of pop, some Broadway and everything kind of in between. So yeah. Thank you all so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed saying title. 


Jeff [00:32:24] I'm Jeff. 


Richie [00:32:24] And I'm Richie. 


Jeff [00:32:26] Bye.